The suggestion for Email verification

Email verification suggestion

What's New: email verifications in Leads

Today, we’re excited to announce email verifications right inside your leads.

If you have these email addresses saved in your leads, you're half the way there. But if you don’t, we will spend another post to guide you to find them. Our suggestion is Bulk email verifier, an excellent tool to verify a list of email addresses before using them.

There are two ways to use email verification in leads: manually or automatically. You can either use one of them or both.

The manual technique

It’s a function on this products. You can click adding your lists (in E, Excel, or else). You can either launch it for the entire list or in a selected list. Ping pong! Now you got the result.

The automatically one

If you want your leads to be always verified, there is a feature for that. Verifier added a “settings” page in the Lead section.

From there, you can activate the automatic leads verifications option:


That’s it!

Personally, I would recommend activating the automatic verifications to ensure your leads are always verified in real-time.

Checking the results

To have an overview of the verification results in your leads, two new attributes have been added:

  • Verification status and
  • Verification date

You can select these attributes and see their values

With these updates, you might ensure only valid email addresses are used in your campaigns and avoid bounces.

When you add new leads to a campaign, it could also filter the verification statuses.