Hustle 101 🧐 with Eavesdrop

Hustle 101 Eavesdrop SaaS

Imagine the traffic 🚦 that comes to your landing page are the people who are actively seeking a solution to their pain 💊 What do you think is the chance of them clicking on the buy now or add to cart button? maybe opt-in to your mailing list 📬

Let me show you HOW 😎😎😎

Do posts like this look familiar to you when browsing Reddit?


👉 imagine if you are offering a firearm training service, be first to recommend your service in the comment section could get you a lot of eye traffic (impression)


👉 imagine if you are building a new budget headphone brand, you can promote your product in the comment section to build an audience base


👉 what's about promoting a quick and simple website builder SaaS? i.e.,, or

By seeing these 3️⃣ posts above, I bet you can see that social media and online forums are the places where you can find your customers & clients 👩‍🎤🤹‍♂️🧗‍♀️ hang out and express their problems. As a hustler, your job is to find these conversations and offer your expertise to bring value along with promoting your product 📈📊

Tim Cook at 🍏 is a master of marketing and he does amazingly well 😅. Here is an example of Tim Cook hustling on Reddit when the new iPad Pro launched, and you can hustle the same way with your products or services.

So what is the benefit of hustling this way?

  • High relevant traffic 🚦 to your site, people who see your comments are likely interested in the topics of the threads🧵 Thus, you are promoting your product organically to the right people will allow building a brand or community around a product which will result in higher conversations rate compare to ads🧑‍💼
  • A less salezy way. Engage organically with customers in the comments section will come across as friendly and helpful. The online community hates self-promotion or blatant spamming; if you promote at the right place to the right people, people will appreciate it.
  • Immediate result ⏩ we all know playing the content game and SEO are playing the long game. BUT, NOT ALL of us have the patient for 3-6 months out. Many of us need sales now 📈 Thus, finding and engaging with lukewarm or hot leads which are currently looking to buy is the fastest way beside ads that I am aware of at the moment 💰

OK! OK! How could I do the same for my product? 👌

Begin with think of how your customer, clients, or audience (audience) would express their pain or interest. For example, when someone is complaining about their hair, they might be interested in a hair product.

Figuring out where your audience hangs out online is a discovery; however, with just Reddit and Twitter, you can find a lot of different audiences from the two platforms. Now, the hard part would be to figure out how your audience express their pain or interest 🧐

Product and Pain

People complain about life all of the time, take advance of it. Coming up with the keywords or phrases that your customer uses to describe the pain or interest will take some trial and error. Try to describe the problem your product solves; people speak in terms of pain or problem. Check this out!

Any skincare professional service? Here is a hot lead for you 🔥

Logo designer 👩‍🎨

AND, you get the idea 💡

Try to describe the problem your product solves; people speak in terms of pain or problem. i.e., my skin is terrible → potential buyer for skincare products.

Once you figure out a set of keywords where your customers or clients describe their needs and pain, I would use a tool like to monitor those keywords when someone on the internet mentions them on any forum.

If you have a problem describing the problem or coming up with keywords, tweet us & we will reply @rootism108 or @Sudonymously.

Or even review your keywords. Tweet us!!!

More relevant keywords

As you engage in the comments section, you will find more keywords or ways your audience expresses their interest or desire for their pain. Thus, your keyword set will evolve.

Wrapping Up ⬆️

By putting examples out here, I hope that is the best way to explain it. It's about providing value in terms of knowledge and helping people solve their product to show off your expertise to gain trust.