Promote Your Product Effortlessly

Eavesdrop finds and delivers relevant tweets based on your keywords so you can engage, share your expertise, and promote your product organically.

Promoting your product at the right place and time has proven to be the most effective way to hustle to generate organic traffic 🥬

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😓 Having a hard time hustling for your product or service?

You're an internet hustler, and you want to get your product off the ground 🛫 You tried buying ads knowing the cost-per-click is too damn high! After some experiments, your ads campaign is struggling 😣 so you stopped it. But your site traffic dropped like the price of bitcoin during the bear season 📉

Then you wonder whether there is a better and effective way to hustle? 🤔

👉 Responding to social, blog, and community posts is one of the most effective marketing channels for new startups, agency owners, and freelancers.

Hustle Smarter NOT Harder 🤑

Forget spending hours searching online communities for the right conversation to share your expertise and promote your product. Ain't nobody got time for that! Our AI engine crawls the web and filter out noisy leads to send you fresh and relevant ones in real-time 🤖

Eavesdrop > Ads

"Buy Ads to acquire early users" - every business guru
Ads are inefficient, hard to get right, and expensive. Do you want to spend $2 per click with a 3% conversion rate? We've heard it, we've tried it, and we've built something better.

Ads are a shotgun - you spray and hope somebody visits your page 🤷‍♂️

Eavesdrop is your sniper 🎯 precise and effective
Don't buy Ads; use Eavesdrop 🚀

How it works

Finding places to hustle is hard, so we made it easier 😎


Step 1️⃣

Input any keywords your customers would use to describe their pain. Eavesdrop AI crawling system will use these keywords to find opportunities for your brand

Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 7.49.01 PM.png

Step 2️⃣

Connect Eavesdrop to your Slack to get notifications for places to hustle on the go 💸

image (2).png

Step 3️⃣

Use these opportunities to increase brand awareness, drive organic traffic, and acquire new customers

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Leverage the most effective marketing channels

Twitter is king when you want to build an audience. Hundreds of Millions of people with all sorts of interests, go on this popular platform daily. You just need to get on there and use Eavesdrop to find it 🚀

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Seize opportunities to win new customers online

Responding to posts made by your target market is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness and grow organically. Eavesdrop will deliver you fresh leads in real-time, so you can engage online and win new customers.

Watch your organic traffic grow

Regularly engaging in online communities will drive large amounts of organic traffic to your product. Forget the expensive $2 per click ads. Gain traction with Eavesdrop!

Get Fresh Opportunities In Real-time

The sooner you can engage with posts made by your target market the more exposure you'll get. We integrate with your favorite communication app and send you fresh leads in real-time.

Popular Eavesdrop Use Cases

Leverage these opportunities to grow your brand!

💸 Acquire Customers

Offer a solution when you see people express problems your product solves

👍 Increase brand awareness

Establish your business as the go-to brand by regularly engaging with your target market on topics related to your niche.

✍️ Share your expertise

Consistently adding value to online communities by sharing your expertise will establish your authority in your industry.

🤔 Understand your target market

Find productive conversations in your niche. Use this opportunity to learn more about your target market.

👀 See what people are saying about your competitors

Have competitors? See what people are saying about them, and use that to your advantage.

💡 Validate your idea

Have lots of ideas? Monitor keywords to get a sense of the market, and engage with people to validate your idea.

Grow your online business

Mobile apps, SaaS businesses, and E-Commerce stores. Your first 100 customers are online! Find them with Eavesdrop




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How is Eavesdrop different from Awario, Brand24, Mention, etc.

Those products are designed for established brands looking for sentiment analysis, crisis management, and community influencers. They optimize their functionality for brand watching, they are not designed to make your hustling easier 😁

Does this works?

Of course ✅ We recommend you use keywords that describe a problem your product solves and refine it depending on the results. When receiving leads, be sure to engage with these communities consistently. Conversations drive conversion.

Who is this product for?

Eavesdrop is made for freelancers, hustlers, and indie hackers - anyone who looks to find relevant and high-engagement tweets to engage with their audience and customers.

Do you monitor closed Facebook groups?

Hell No ⛔️ Zuck makes Facebook supper hard to do anything. We wouldn't want to be a part of that mess 😆

Besides Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook, does Eavesdrop work for other platforms?

No and No 🚫
Since Uncle Musk acquired Twitter, we put 420% of of energy into fine tuning our product to work best with Twitter. We either thrive or die with Uncle Musk ☠️

🤑 For Indie Hacker by Indie Hacker 🤑

Every line of code we write is to empower our fellow Indie Hacker to make the hustling easier 💰